President's Word

Shri P.K. Agrawal, President
Bihar Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Patna


Invest in a Resurgent Bihar


At the onset, I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to the valued members of the Chamber for electing me unanimously President of the Chamber. I would like to assure my fellow members that I will not leave any stone unturned to perform at par to their expectations. The Bihar Chamber of Commerce & Industries would emerge as a more vibrant organization and will play a pro active role to augment rapid growth of industries and trade in the State.


Friends, Bihar - the ancient land of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, the Great Ashoka has witnessed golden period of Indian History. The famous dynasties of the Magadha and the Mauryas ruled from here. .It is the same land where the seeds of the first Republic were sown and which cultivated the first crop of democracy. Guru Govind Singh, the tenth and the last Sikh Guru was born in Bihar. The ancient seats of learning in the form of Nalanda and Vikramshila are existing in Bihar. Such fertile is the soil that has given birth to innumerous intellectuals which spread the light of knowledge and wisdom not only in the country but in the whole world.


Bihar has had many more firsts to its claim. The first steel plant by Tatas was set up here in 1907. The first multipurpose project in independent India was started here in the form of Damodar Valley Corporation in 1948. The Fertilizer Plant at Sindri and the Oil Refinery at Barauni were other additions to this list.


The commitment shown by our State Government under the dynamic and charismatic leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar has generated a lot of hopes in the people of the State. There was a need to tap the existing potential of the State and the Government is leaving no stone unturned for proper and optimum level usage of States resources. The Government has already cleared hundreds of investment proposal approved by the State Investment Board. The development vision of the State Government focuses on creation of Industrial Parks, promotion of technical education of it is, necessary boost to Sugar Industry. Agro-Based and Food Processing Industry, Silk Industry, Leather Industry, establishment of quality Health Care of Entertainment Units besides making Bihar a tourist hub of the Eastern India. 


Last year the Government of Bihar has brought a fresh Industrial Incentive Policy 2011 and this is undoubtedly one of the best industrial policy of the country having UNPARALLEL provisions of Industrial Incentives. The Bihar VAT has also emerged as Model Act for the entire country. The State also has separate incentive policies for various industrial sectors like Food Processing, Sugar, Tourism and Information Technology, which are aimed to provide necessary boost to these sectors.


To create an economically strong Bihar even much stronger and prosperous than its glorious past and to contribute positively in building a strong nation through development of Trade and Industry is the guiding theme in the history of the Bihar Chamber of Commerce & Industries. The Chamber has always strived hard for the economic development of Bihar.


In its bid to promote the economy of the rapidly progressing State, the Bihar Chamber of Commerce & Industries participated in the “Global Meet on a Resurgent Bihar” event held in the month of January, 2007 at Patna, as one of its Co-Organizers. The Meet was a grand success and had been participated by a large number of delegates from various countries of the globe. In the year 2012 the Government of Bihar once again organized Global Meet at Patna. The overwhelming response of theNRI’s for Bihar during the course of three-day-event has generated lot of enthusiasm among the local entrepreneurs, who are very much willing to establish close working bonds with their counterparts of different states and countries.


Since the “Resurgent Bihar” is rapidly emerging as a favorite destination for trade and investments, hence the Chamber is of the view that time has come for all stake holders to strive hard for establishing close working bonds between the national and international community of traders and entrepreneurs with their counterparts of Bihar.


I, therefore, humbly invite my brethren to come and invest in the rapidly developing Bihar. This would yield very positive & progressive financial results.Come, experience the fragrance of the sacred soil of Bihar. Feel the warmth &affection of the people of Bihar have for you. Share with us the festivities of the sacred festivals – ChathVrat, ShravniMela, Harihar Kshetra Mela, PitriPakch, Budh Purnima, Mahavir Jayanti, Guru Parav and Eid. The Bihar Chamber of Commerce & Industries will feel honored in extending its all possible assistance and co-operations to ensure best possible results for your investments.

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